Third Man Records' Top 5

Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records is fueled by a love of great music. So we asked him for his top 5 records of all time. Here’s what he had to say:

The answers to this question are constantly changing, but here’s how I feel today:

  1. Melvins, Lysol – Little known fact: anytime I have a new stereo setup or component, this is the first record I put on. “Sacrifice” is a crowning achievement of Western civilization.
  2. Spiritualized, Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space – There’s not one flaw on this album. Each song a knockout, every lyric essential.
  3. Various Artists, Back From the Grave Vol. 1 – The ultimate in 1960s garage rock compilations. If ever an album were to encapsulate my entire being, I think this is it.
  4. The Fiery Furnaces, Gallowsbird’s Bark – Yesterday, I listened to this for the first time in forever and was still awed by how many straight-up CLASSIC songs are crammed into this disc. 
  5. J Dilla, Donuts – I constantly marvel at how this album continues to amaze me.
  • fueled by


    fueled by


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    The Golden Record

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    What are you


    Fuel isn’t just about driving, but the drive to achieve something great.