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What drives a man to be one of the best bicycle messengers in the world?

What drives a man to be one of the best bicycle messengers in the world?


The modern-day bicycle is capable of taking us pretty much anywhere we want to go — around the block or around the world, slow rolling or pedaling to time-crunching speeds, on hard concrete or on soft dirt trails. It’s built for adventure. And while bikes might not be fueled by gasoline, they are certainly crafted from of a number of polymers, resins, carbon fibers and hard rubbers. That’s right — from the frame to the seat, the handlebar grips to the inflatable inner tube and chain grease — today’s bikes are totally petroleumpowered.

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The world of cycling continues to expand — we have Tour de France long-haulers and velodrome pedal pumpers, as well as an entire planet inhabited by mountain bike trail hounds, BMX tricksters, shoreline beach cruisers and practical daily commuters.

But rogue in this world is the fixed-gear bike messenger.

These riders share a passion for man-powered two-wheel transportation. And every kind of bicycle out there relies on a number of petroleum-based utilizations beyond the rubber tires and hard plastic helmets. It’s deeper than brake pads and chain oil. You can even find it in the frames themselves.

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Up against the clock in heavy traffic on a fixed-gear road bike, Chicago courier Nico Deportago-Cabrera is in his element.

Cabrera is one of the fastest and most fluid bike messengers in the game. His dance with traffic is inspiringly intuitive, both graceful and bold. Watching him makes you want to jump on your bike almost immediately. But remember, you are not Nico Deportago-Cabrera. You, mere mortal, have limits. Nico is seemingly boundless — his reputation circumventing the streets of Chicago provides him with ongoing opportunities to take part in competitive cycling events around the world. Limits? Maybe that’s what he’s searching for.

Whether he’s climbing the hills of San Francisco or trekking across Europe, Nico says he’s fueled by a lightweight carbon fiber fixed-gear bicycle and an innate passion to push himself around the world, one pedal at a time.

Watch him take on the gusty streets of downtown Chicago and wax poetic on his fixed-gear life.

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Nico Deportago-Cabrera