fueled by escape

Americans are fueled by camping — perhaps more than ever before.

Americans are fueled by camping — perhaps more than ever before.

After tracking photographer Jay Kolsch’s epic trip to some of America’s most majestic national parks, Fueled By has been pondering all the ways in which petroleum helps make outdoor adventures as awesome as possible.

As plastics and synthetic fabrics have seen incredible advancements in recent years — especially as far as weight and durability are concerned — innovations in camping equipment have made the activity more enjoyable and accessible than ever before.

Americans have taken notice - according to the 2018 North American Camping Report, there’s a notable uptick in the number of people who are pitching tents, building fires and getting cozy under the stars in state-of-the-art sleeping bags. It says that 77 million U.S. households are home to someone who camps occasionally, and it also shows that more than 6 million new households started camping since 2014. It’s a multigenerational trend, but the numbers show that millennials are most definitely driving the spike.

What about you? Are you fueled by escaping into the wild and living that sweet, sweet camp life? If you were going to pack a vehicle — even a motorcycle— and venture out to a campsite, what would you need?

  • Backpack
  • Binoculars
  • Bug spray
  • Collapsible seat
  • Compass
  • Flashlight
  • Fire-starting kit
  • Headlamp
  • Hiking boots or shoes
  • Inflatable pillow
  • Insulated beverage container
  • Matches
  • Multi-tool
  • Plastic water bottle
  • Propane tank
  • Portable stove
  • Rubber-handled hatchet
  • Synthetic, moisture-wicking socks
  • Sleeping bag
  • Sleeping mat
  • Tent
  • Waterproof clothes (wide-brimmed hat, jacket, pants)
  • Water filter