Fueled By Combustibility

Check out these four incredibly combustible stories!

Check out these four incredibly combustible stories!

There’s nothing more exciting than blocking out some free time with a full tank. That moment the handle at the pump shuts off, the adventure begins. You show us a vehicle with a combustion engine and throttle, and we’ll show you an inspiring story about the way it helps fuel someone’s restless soul. These are four of Fueled By’s most combustible moments:

Va Vixens Back Group

Venice Vixens

The Venice Vixens These women aren’t just dipping a toe in the world of motorsports. These are serious riders with serious bikes. Most of them use their bikes for daily commutes and really know how to ride — not just on the street but on flat tracks and off-road. At first, the Vixens rode together on weeknights in large groups. These rides eventually grew into longer road trips a couple times a year. Then there are the races on the weekends.

Va Drag 10A

Brian Gallagher

The Texas Drag Racer Going 215 MPH, dragster Brian Gallagher’s best quarter-mile time is proudly displayed on the back of his race car: 6.43 seconds. That’s pretty fast. But if you ask him, it’s not fast enough. It never has been. “I’ve been racing cars pretty much since I was 18 — pretty much my whole adult life,” he says. “It’s in my blood.”

Va Mp 004

Ted and Gina Ferwerda

The Culinary Adventurer Outdoor enthusiast and professional foodie Gina Ferwerda combines motorsports with culinary arts. “I’m fueled by the exploration of doing something that not everyone can do,” says off-road enthusiast Gina Ferwerda. “To get to the top of a mountain — 10,000 to 12,000 feet off the ground — we’re snowmobiling through deep powder, working our sleds, never sitting down — just trying to stay focused on what’s in front of you.”

Va Airboats 1


The Bayou Navigator Most airboats today are made from fiberglass and powered by air-cooled, four- or six-cylinder aircraft engines or water-cooled, large displacement V8 automotive engines that run on high-octane automotive gas. Folks, airboats have some real get-up-and-go.