fueling the fit

It’s time we talk about how blue jeans really can’t be called denim anymore.

It’s time we talk about how blue jeans really can’t be called denim anymore.

Advances in synthetic fiber have forever changed the way we think about a perfectly fitting pair of jeans.

For nearly 150 years, blue jeans were synonymous with denim. That puffy 1987 acid-washed jean jacket might’ve been called a denim jacket back in the day — and that would have been just fine. That’s because folks were focused on adding just a little more hair spray to their bangs. But also because jeans were denim and denim were jeans and, in some parts of the world, they could even be called dungarees.

But it’s 2019 — bangs are blunt and the word denim no longer applies.

See, denim describes a specifically sturdy, indigo-dyed, cotton textile. But today, your favorite pair of jeans are manufactured with cotton weaved with elastane — an elastic, synthetic fiber — such as Spandex or Lycra. Now, you can rock that sharp, fashionable, tight-fitting jean look while getting all the flexibility you’d expect from your favorite pair of joggers. Not only do they bend with your body, but they’ll last too.

It doesn’t matter if they’re tapered, cuffed, flooded, boot-cut, bell-bottomed, high-waist or straight-legged — skinny jeans, mom jeans, jeggings and jorts included — today’s jeans are stretchy and breathable, offering form-fitting flattery for the fashion-conscious consumer.

Thanks, petroleum, for helping make us look good as we go out and tackle obstacles, achieve dreams and conquer our fears.

No matter what we’re doing, we’re all fueled by the fit.