Fueled by Best Friends

Celebrate National Dog Day with your fuzzy pal.

Celebrate National Dog Day with your fuzzy pal.

August 26 is National Dog Day — a whole day devoted to your four-legged best bud. It’s a day to recognize service dogs, military dogs, therapy dogs, fire station dogs... and, of course, the furry lump sleeping in your spot on the couch. While every day is an opportunity to show those canine compadres how much you care, National Dog Day is a special celebration of the sheer awesomeness that is your faithful pooch.

There are a lot of cool ways to celebrate National Dog Day. Give your pal a few extra treats. Take another lap on that walk. Heck, maybe that’s the day you head to the local shelter and adopt your new tail-wagging bestie. And on your way home, you could always swing by the pet store and grab them a new toy.

There are a lot of different dog toys out there — all kinds of different shapes and sizes. And they’re made out of all kinds of different materials, from nylon and rubber to canvas and cotton. Petroleum-based, BPA-free plastic and rubber are used quite a bit for dog toys because of the high level of durability. It’s no big secret that some dogs like to chew, so a safe and resilient material that doesn’t get shredded to pieces keeps everybody happy.

Rubber and plastic can also be molded into a lot of different shapes in a ton of colors. Spiky dog bones and squeaky chickens and weird rainbow bouncing knots. Take a walk through the toy aisle with your buddy, and let them pick something out from the hundreds of different brightly colored things to choose from — that one special toy will certainly catch their eye.

Toys are awesome. They don’t just bounce and squeak; toys provide a real health benefit for your dog. Safe plastic and rubber chew toys give your dog an outlet to blow off some steam, clean their teeth and prevent future behavioral problems. All of those benefits can potentially add years to the fun you have together.

So whether it’s a brand-new rubber chew toy or an endless round of belly rubs, make sure you get out and celebrate National Dog Day with your fuzzy buddy.