Mat Berger: Fueled by the Journey

Meet Mat Berger. He’s a research doctor in Texas, specializing in molecular genetics and the metabolism of cholesterol. That’s some serious smarts and a lot of hard work. But when he’s not staring down the barrel of a microscope, Mat is all about getting out on the road and exploring the American great wide open.

On his most recent road trip, he and a friend traveled over 700 miles on an epic journey from their home base in Dallas to the heart of New Mexico. Just like every great adventure, they decided to take the scenic route and really dive deep into the experience. What they also took were lots and lots of pictures.

Take a look at their spectacular journey. Maybe it will inspire you to get out and take one of your own.

This was just one of Mat’s many adventures. Since this trip, he’s taken road trips through South Texas and New England.

“I can’t wait for the next adventure down the road,” he said.

You can follow his journey at

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