fueling your garden

Summer is upon us. The barbeque grill is fired up, and the familiar sounds of neighborhood lawn mowers are echoing in the warm weekend breeze. But petroleum is more than just gas for a burger or a backyard buzz cut. Petroleum-based products play a pretty big role in your summer garden. From rubber hoses to rain barrels to vinyl fencing, petroleum helps keep your flowers and veggies healthy and hearty. Here are some products that you might find

  • Compost Bins
  • Garden Carts 
  • Garden Gloves 
  • Garden Tool Handles 
  • Hose Nozzles 
  • Kneeling Pads 
  • PVC Hoses 
  • Plant Cages 
  • Plant Labels 
  • Plastic Edging 
  • Plastic Planters 
  • Rain Barrels 
  • Rubber Boots 
  • Seed Packaging 
  • Seed Spreaders 
  • Sprinklers 
  • Trimmer String 
  • Vinyl Fencing 
  • Watering Cans 
  • Weed Barriers
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