The Golden Record

A record that has boldly gone further than anyone.

A record that has boldly gone further than anyone.

In 1977, the Voyager 1 spacecraft was blasted into space at almost 18,000 mph. On board was enough fuel to carry it to the outer reaches of the solar system, but also: a phonograph record.

The record is made of gold-plated copper and contains sounds from earth, including surf, wind, thunder and animal sounds. Also included were spoken greetings in 55 languages, brain waves of someone thinking about love and the history of earth, and a range of music from different cultures and eras, including Mozart, Barcelata and Chuck Berry. In addition to the audio, the record contains 116 pictures that document human life.

The intent of the Golden Record, if found, was to provide proof of our existence to intelligent life in the universe. Etched into the cover of the record is a set of visualized instructions for how to play the record and a map of how to find our solar system based on pulsars.

Voyager 1 officially left our solar system in 2012 and entered interstellar space. It’s earth’s furthest man-made object. The next probable encounter will be a flyby of another star... in about 40,000 years.