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Watch how Halloween magic raises the dead.

Watch how Halloween magic raises the dead.


Halloween is fueled by pure imagination — the annual permission slip we give ourselves to delve into a world of terrific and horrific costumes. It’s the season to let the bed bugs bite, to stare in a mirror and summon a specter byname three times, and to watch movies that set the scene of our own cinematic and nocturnal lives.

Creaky floorboards are cheap, awesome thrills. We start seeing lawns adorned with the undead. Kids go walking to school dressed like vampires. Halloween is about fright and fun and the folks who make the impossible possible — even if just for a day.

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Johnny Cox and his team at The Basement FX https://thebasementfx.com work to create some of the most sought-after full-head, fantastically gruesome Halloween masks in the costume industry. These are custom-made scream-inducers that are also pieces of terrifying art — a financial investment made by the most faithful of All Hallows' Eve revelers. Do not underestimate some people’s love for a good blood-curdling scream. These works are created by the hands of artists working deftly with latex and other petroleum derivatives and distillates, as well as specialized petroleum-infused paints and silicone material. It’s a process — and it’s one to behold.

During the months leading up to Halloween, Cox’s team makes handmade masks from silicon and latex, utilizing chemistry and artistry to create one-of-a-kind special orders as well as limited runs of original characters, concocted in the devious minds and deft hands of their creators.

Watch Cox bring a monster to life and talk about what fuels him to create these very scary masks