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On the basketball court, the only thing that stops Matt Scott are the rules.

On the basketball court, the only thing that stops Matt Scott are the rules.

Around the world, die-hard fans of the sport subscribe to the same credo: Basketball is life. When it’s being played well, there’s a striking synchronicity of endurance, tenacity and intuition that makes for something poetic. It’s there in the inherent drama of a no-look pass and the staccato rhythm of a rubber ball hitting the wooden court. You see it when a white net is suspended like a wisp in the air following a perfect swish, and you feel it when a buzzer-beating shot ignites a crowd.

That same poetry is displayed on a wheelchair basketball court. These world-class athletes play by their own rules. Wheelchair basketball takes a humbling amount of strength, stamina, teamwork and precision to play. The highly specialized wheelchairs allow players to perform at their best and built using advanced, petroleum-based materials that are found in the tires, seats, hand grips, brakes and frames of their chairs. The games are fast, fierce and physical.

Matt Scott competes at the highest level of the sport. He’s one of the best wheelchair basketballers in the world. Born with spina bifida, Scott started playing in high school, which led to a scholarship to play on a Big Ten university team. From there, he went on to represent America in Paralympic events all over the world — multiple times. Scott now plays professionally in leagues overseas. He says basketball started as a passion but morphed into a purpose. The work he puts in produces incredible results.

Ask him and he’ll tell you “basketball is life.”