fueling pool life

Pool life. Lake life. Waterpark life. Indeed, as summer sets in and the temps steadily rise, one sure way to beat the heat is spending time in the water — with gobs of sunscreen. Listen to your mother. ’Tis the season to jump in, cool off and splash your best friend. But before cannonballing into sweet aquatic relief, take a look around and notice all the ways in which pool life (and beach life!) is fueled by petrol.

Air pump

Bathing suit

Beach towel

Beach umbrella

Collapsible plastic beach chair


Flotation vest


Inflatable plastic toys

Inflatable raft

Plastic sand pails and hand shovels

Plastic sunglasses

Pool noodle

Rubber sandals

Sun visor

Swim cap

Vacuum and vacuum hoses


Wall brushes

Water wings

Waterproof boom box

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