solar oven snack box

Make a delicious DIY snack.

Make a delicious DIY snack.

We’re surrounded by energy and the amazing things that it helps produce. From the petroleum that fuels us to go to amazing places to the sun that lights up our life, when we harness the power of the elements, it’s amazing what we can accomplish. Using solar power — and a few household items — we can construct a D.I.Y. oven capable of making a most delicious treat. This is a lesson in the science behind solar power — absorption and insulation — and scrumptiousness (yes, that is a scientific term).

Solar Oven Snack Box

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Box cutter
  • Cardboard box
  • Glue stick
  • Ruler or straight edge
  • Plastic wrap Small stick (or other prop item, such as a knitting needle, ruler or skewer)

Here’s what you do:

  • Leaving a one-inch border around the sides of a box, cut a three-sided flap out of the top of the box. Use a ruler or straight edge for precise cuts.
  • Tear a piece of aluminum that can cover the bottom (inside) of the flap and attach it using your glue stick.
  • Coat the inside of the box with glue from your glue stick and — as smoothly as possible — line the entire box with aluminum foil.
  • Cover the opening of the box lid with two layers of plastic wrap. One layer should be taped to the top of the lid and the other should be affixed to the bottom.
  • Set the box in direct sunlight and use a stick, a ruler or something else around the house to prop open the lid so sunlight can reflect on the aluminum.
  • Place your s’more in the center of the box.
  • Depending on the strength of the sun, the oven should be hot enough to make the marshmallows gooey in 30 to 60 minutes.
  • When it’s just about done, close the lid on the box for a couple of minutes to help melt the chocolate.
  • Enjoy!